Dylan is a neuro-typical teenage boy. He enjoys Kuk Sool Won and is a world champion yellow belt in the sport. Other than spending time in the Black Belt Club, Dyl enjoys spending time with his friends.

Dyl is also in choir, and he loves to sing. He is a natural comedian and uses humor to help him through difficult times and situations. Dyl is optimistic and often tries to look on the bright side of things.

Dyl has faced many common sibling difficulties while living with a brother with autism. Dyl has been a role model toward his brother. He has had to step in when bullying has been directed toward his brother. Dyl has also been the victim of bullying because of having a brother that is different and quirky. Dyl has had to take responsibility for his brother, as he has been left as his brother's keeper from time to time. Though it is tough at times, Dyl has great patience with his brother.

Dyl is an active advocate not only for his brother, but also for all children with special needs. He has stepped in as a protector to children who are being bullied time and time again. Dyl is caring, loving, and compassionate to all people no matter their needs.

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