Friday, November 23, 2012


This is a good site for all of my English teacher friends out there, my special education teacher friends, and my friends with children with learning difficulties. I know with some students they understand a story more if the hear it than if they read it due to being audio learners. I use MP3s in tandem with the books for Damien. It is great because the MP3s can be put on his iTouch.


I have used this technique with Damien, and it seems to work. He had been reading The Scarlet Letter in his AP English class. He was just reading the book, and he was not passing any of the quizzes. I suggested that he go ahead and listen to the book while he read because he would be putting what he read into two different parts of memory in his brain, auditory and visual. He complained, but tried it anyway. The next day, he received an A on his quiz.

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