Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Reading List

  1. “20 Ways To… Build Organizational Skills in Students With Learning Disabilities” – Rita F. Finstein, Rachelle Jones, & Fei Yao Yang

  2. “The Acquisition of Tense and Agreement Morphemes by Children With Specific Language Impairment During Intervention: Phase 3” – Barbara Brown, Mary N. Camarata, Stephen M. Camarata, Laurence B. Leonard, and Monica Pawlowska

  3. “Are We Preparing Students with Physical and Health Disabilities for the 21st Century?” – Blanche J. Glimps

  4. “Best Practices in the Multidisciplinary Assessment of Emotional Disturbances: A Primer for Counselors” – Edward M.Levinson and Heide L. Rudy

  5. “Bill of Rights in Action” – Constitutional Rights Foundation

  6. “Book Review: Junior high up” – Jacqueline Rose

  7. “Censorship Roundup” – School Library Journal

  8. “’Character’ Building: Using Literature to Connect with Youth” – Patricia Page and Kelley Regan

  9. Child maltreatment 1996: Reports from the states to the national child abuse and neglect data system. – Department of Health and Human Services, Children's Bureau

  10. “Chronic Health Conditions and Student Performance at School” – William Potts-Datema and Howard Taras

  11. Effective School Interventions – Natalie Rathvon

  12. The Essentials of Teaching Children to Read: What Every Teacher Needs to Know – Robert B. Cooter and D. Ray Reutzel

  13. “First Lady Defends Criticized ‘No Child’ Tests” – Greg Toppo

  14. Guide to Writing Quality Individualized Education Programs – Gordon S. Gibb and Tina T. Dyches

  15. “Helping Students with Learning Disabilities Succeed” – Marcee M. Steele

  16. “Identifying Children and Adolescents at Risk for Depression and/or Aggression” – Rawley Silver

  17. “Increase Academic Success for Children with ADHD Using Sticky Notes and Highlighters” – Melissa A. Stormont

  18. “Interrelationships Among Language Skills, Externalizing Behavior, and Academic Fluency and their Impact on the Academic Skills of Students with ED” – Gregory J. Brenner, J. Ron Nelson, Stern Neill, and Scott A. Stage

  19. Introduction to Special Education: Making A Difference (6th ed.) – Deborah D. Smith

  20. Learning Disabilities and Related Mild Disabilities – Janet Learner & Beverly Johns

  21. “Literacy Debate: Online, R U Really Reading?” – Motoko Rich

  22. “Literature Circles for Students With Learning Disabilities” – Peggy L. Anderson & LeAnn Corbett

  23. “Looking at ADHD Through Multiple Lenses: Identifying Girls with the Inattentive Type” – Debby Zambo

  24. “Making Evidence-Based Decisions About Child Language Intervention In Schools” – Ronald B.Gillam, & Sandra L Gillam

  25. “National Child Abuse Statistics” – Childhelp

  26. “A New Approach to Attention Deficit Disorder” – Thomas E. Brown

  27. “New Silly Reasons to Ban Books” – George M. Eberhart

  28. “Phonological Awareness: Evidence To Influence Assessment and Intervention Practices” – Gail T. Gillon

  29. “Psychosocial Outcomes At 15 Years of Children With A Preeschool History of Speech-language Impairment” – D. V. M. Bishop, Barry Chipchase, Carole Kaplan, Margaret J. Snowling, and Susan E. Stothard

  30. “Reading and Learning-Disabled Children: Understanding the Problem” – Don Martin, Magy Martin, & Kathleen Carvalho

  31. “Reading Strategies for Students With Mild Disabilities” – Joseph R. Boyle The Relationship Between Language and Social Competence” – McCabe, Paul C. & Paul J. Meller

  32. “Response to Intervention: An Alternative Means of Identifying Students as Emotionally Disturbed Education and Treatment of Children” – Frank M. Gresham Same Kind of Different as Me – Ron Hall & Denver Moore

  33. “Teacher quality in Texas Inequitable” – Gary Scharrer Teaching English in Middle and Secondary Schools – Rhoda Maxwell, Mary Meiser, &Jordan Meiser

  34. Theology and Down Syndrome –Amos Yong Working Memory & Learning: A Practical Guide for Teachers – Susan Gathercole & Tracy Alloway

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