Friday, June 5, 2015

Alert Me Bands

Is your child on the Autism Spectrum? Did you know 49% of children with ASD wander? This is a very serious statistic that we cannot ignore. Please take responsibility for your child's safety with Alert Me Bands and please never let your child leave home without it on.

Alert Me Bands communicate who to call in an emergency as well as other critical information (i.e. wandering risk, medical/special needs or allergy alerts). These are just some of the bands that shipped out today (#'s blocked to protect privacy), clearly our customers are taking this statistic VERY seriously. Please share; our high quality bands are designed with sensory sensitive kids in mind and are soft, lightweight and CHEWPROOF. They are also adjustable, durable, water safe and impossible for young children to remove (or your money back!, see our FAQ page).

Customize your band online now;

It's simple; just choose your favorite design, fill out your emergency contact info and then click the box to add alerts to one or both sides of the yellow rectangle.

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