Friday, January 11, 2013

Damienism #46

The boys are cracking me up. Dylan is trying to teach Damien how to speak properly. He is making Damien say all kinds of words with v in them and trying to get Damien to say /v/ instead of /f/. And, he's also making Damien say words that start with h since Damien always drops the h in words. The funny thing is that Damien keeps saying, "You know what I am trying to say, so what does it matter?"

Dylan replied, "It matters when you go into a job interview. If you mispronounce everything, they will not know how smart you are." What Dylan does not understand is that in over more than ten years of speech therapy, Damien was discharged because he is understandable, not because he can speak perfect.

I wonder. Maybe, Dylan is right, and he can accomplish what many speech therapists could not. He plans on working with Damien for hours every day until Damien gets it right. Hmmm....

...Me: "I think he's got it. I think he's got it."
Damien: "Twelve, huge, hairy humans have hairy faces."
Me: "By George, he's got it. By George, he's got it!"

... Then I proceeded to show the boys this:

Now, they are dancing together, like the professor and Eliza.

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