Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Snapshots of Inclusion

1. What was the purpose of the video?

The purpose of the “Snapshots of Inclusion” video is to educate the viewer on the impact of inclusion on the student with disabilities. From elementary to the high school arena, the inclusive classroom has many benefits. However, there are some drawbacks to the inclusive setting for the educator. Therefore, the video can be beneficial in inspiring and encouraging teachers of the inclusive classroom.

2. List and describe five (5) major points from the video:

The first major point emphasizes the importance of placing students in an inclusive setting. With Josh, private school was not an option because of his mimicking the repetitive behaviors of the other students. Therefore, his parents chose to put their son with autism in public school. Because of the interaction with the other students, Josh was successful in language acquisition. For Greg, the inclusive classroom means that he has been taught and mastered social skills. For Tonya, the inclusive classroom has provided her with a legitimate role in her own education.

The second major point in the video emphasizes the need for support and training for the teachers in the inclusive classroom setting. Many general education teachers are overwhelmed when students with disabilities are placed in their classroom. They often complain about lack of training and support. Therefore, it is important the school district should have an effective special education department that can address the needs of the teachers and the students. In order to address these needs, school districts often take a team approach to teaching the student with disabilities.

The third major point explains the difficulties that arise in the inclusive setting. Although the inclusive classroom is beneficial for the student with disabilities, it can come at the expense of the other students. Teachers must learn to utilize their time wisely to include the student with disabilities, but that sometimes means they are excluding their attention from their other students. Furthermore, the process of adapting and making allowances takes time and can be mentally taxing to the teachers. The fourth major point shows how important the interaction between the school district and the families of students with disabilities is. All three of the students were fortunate enough to have schools that believe in keeping the parents informed of the progress and problems that arise with their children. From all of the parents, the viewer learned that the parents speak of the problems they had when their children first started school, which gives the viewer an idea of how hard being a parent of a child with disabilities is.

The final major point is how the inclusive classroom benefits the social well being of the students with disabilities. All of the students have learned how to properly engage in social interactions from being included with their peers in the academic setting. Josh learned how to speak and has made friends. Greg has learned how to socialize and keep a positive attitude in the classroom. He has also learned how to behave appropriately. Tonya says she loves school and has more friends because of being in the inclusive classroom.

3. Summary reaction: What were your thoughts and feelings regarding the video?

I liked this video, because it focuses mainly on the positives of including students in the general education classroom. I also feel it is important to let general education teachers know how their attitude can change the dynamic of the success of the inclusive classroom. I think the most powerful statement was made by the principal, who said that a teacher must believe inclusion will work in order for it to actually work.

4. Application. How will you apply the information you learned to your classroom and other areas of your life?

I feel this video will help me to be more effective teacher if I am teaching in a general education setting. I feel it will help me remember to be patient with my students with disabilities. The video has helped me realize the need to stay positive, even when teaching students with disabilities becomes difficult and tiresome.

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