Thursday, January 3, 2013

Damien's World Proposal

Topic: I will describe how autism affects language. i will also explain how the effects of autism on language can determine the quality of life for the affected individual. I will walk the reader through the life of an autistic boy. I will give the reader medically documented facts on Damien’s affliction. In this paper the reader will learn how autistic people communicate. The reader will also learn how autistic individuals respond to others, respond to stimuli, express their needs, and express their emotions. From these explanations, the reader will learn how autistic responses and expressions of autistic individuals affect the way they can communicate with others.

Rationale: I chose the affects of autism on language for several reasons. First, I am part of a fairly unique tight-knit community of autistic parents. Not only do I see how autism affects my son, Damien, but I also see how it affects other little boys and girls. I know the many ways autism affects the families of the autistic individuals. I also see how autism affects the communication between the afflicted and their family members. I see how autism can affect the education of autistic children. Because they do not process information in the manner that others do, they do not learn the same way other children do. Because of what I know, I am always trying to learn as much as I can about the affects of autism. From all of the studies that I have researched, I have come to realize the major cause of many afflictions of autistic individuals is their inability to use language effectively. Since autism is on the rise, I feel it is important for parents, and potential parents to learn as much as they can about autism and the affects of autism. I feel that educators should learn more about the disease and see if we can come up with an official plan for teaching autistic children.

Audience: I will be writing to a group of my peers that have an idea of what autism is. I hope to teach them more about the disease, debunk any myths, and let them know that most of what they know about autism is a worst case scenario.

Approach: I will cover the many different ways that autism affects the language of the afflicted individual. I will teach the audience of the life of an autistic child. I tend to put the audience either in the shoes of the child or at least in the shoes of the parents. I will let the audience know how many people autism affect, how fast autism is becoming more prevalent, and the possible causes of autism. The audience will also learn how the disease affects every little aspect of an autistic individual’s life. I will explain how almost every autistic affliction ties into communication.

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